Frequently asked questions

What is your turnaround time?

Listing Photos will always be delivered by 5 p.m. the next business day. You can select the add-on "In the AM" delivery if expedited service is needed. Cinematic Property Tours (video) are delivered in 3-5 business days.

What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?

During the ordering process, you will see our complete "Terms of Service". We do not charge for rescheduling or cancellations if done at least 24hrs prior to the shoot. If it is less than 24hrs and up to 1hr prior to the shoot, it is a $50 fee. If the shoot is rescheduled or cancelled within 1hr of the shoot, it is billed at half-the-rate of the shoot.

Does someone need to be there for the shoot?

No they do not. We need access to the property and that's it. We will handle it from there. We actually prefer the homeowner not be there, but are willing to work with them if they are. We hear all the time from the sellers "Let me know if I need to move anything". We will take care of minor things. Properties are shot as-is because we need to keep on schedule for our other clients as well.

What if the seller has pets?

Pets need to be in a different area than we are shooting. Preferrably in a kennel of some sort. Pets are notoriously curious and will walk into the shot repeatedly.

How long will the shoot take?

We will shoot around 200 listings per month, so we have this baby down to a science. Our typical home around 2,000 sq.ft. will be shot in less than an hour. Time will vary based on size.

What are your rates?

Please click the "Book A Shoot" button. This will take you to our client center where you can create a project. You can do this as a way of seeing rates and availability. Our rates are based on finished sq.ft. and location. You will see different package rates based on the sq.ft. and address you enter for the project. For example, 0-2000 sq.ft. is x amount, 2001-3400 is x amount, and so on. Our Listing Photo rates start at around 150.

Can I use these photos for more than marketing the listing?

You will see our licensing and terms in our "Terms of Service" during the ordering process. Real Estate photography is relatively inexpensive due to the nature of the usage. It's quick, fast-paced, short-term usage. You would expect to pay more for a photo that is used in a magazine, the same as rights to a song. You may buy a single song for personal use at a very cheap rate, but Chevy did not pay the same rate to use Bob Segar's "Like a Rock" in a much more in-depth way. Our license is granted to the client for the purpose of marketing the specific property. No 3rd party or extended usage is granted. However, please let us know if you'd like to use an image for more and we will be glad to quote you for that.

Do you shoot anything other than real estate?

We sure do! We work with interior designers, architects, stagers, home builders, and businesses. Buildings are our specialty! If you are a business owner looking for marketing photos or promotional videos, we would be glad to discuss your project. Feel free to use our website contact form, or call/text Jeff at (765) 625-1071. One of our team members, Justin, specializes in portraits. We refer all of our headshot requests to him. He is a stud.