Building Your Brand

In today’s market, creativity and resourcefulness is necessary not only in getting a real-estate transaction to the finish line, but in growing your personal brand. Any number of things can happen in a deal from listing to closing, and having a diverse set of tools at your disposal can be the key to both finishing a transaction and building a strong, professional presence.

First, take the time to properly market a listing. Showing a property in its best light through professional marketing not only creates more buyer interest and drives higher sale prices, but it provides valuable contributions to your personal portfolio and opens the door for increased flow of business through a broader client base.

“Professional marketing gives a buyer the confidence to pursue a property aggressively in a competitive market due to the professional image portfolio presenting a true representation of a property that is only confirmed upon an in-person viewing,” said Gary Coats, Real-Estate Broker with United Country Wagner Auctioneering and Real-Estate. “Unprofessional images often mask the least desirable traits of a property and, when discovered, will either remove a buyer's interest or result in a reduced offer.”

Next, using social media to your advantage can be an easy way to score free marketing and increase exposure on a listing. The prevalence of social media in both marketing and modern communication continues to rise, and a mastery of Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms is the most convenient way to drive more traffic to your listings. Knowing how to start forming your space on social media can feel overwhelming, but even taking small steps like posting your first story on Instagram or becoming familiar with current trends on Tik Tok can quickly snowball into a comfortable, consistent social media presence.

“In recent years social media has become a very important tool in marketing real estate listings,” said Coats. “A large percentage of buyers will contact their realtor after seeing a listing advertised on social media, and it’s directly related to the sale of the property.”

Lastly, being aware of your client base, and what their individual wants or needs are, is essential to growing your network and establishing your brand, as having a knowledge of who your clients are and what they are looking for allows you to cater your services to accommodate unique and ever-changing client desires. With real-estate buyers and sellers, a rich understanding of the real-estate market can give you the tools to properly advise and guide people through those transactions, and doing this effectively will not only be appreciated by your clients, but will give you a broader portfolio to attract more business.

“The entire process of marketing needs to be done with professionalism and respect,” said Coats. “The selling and buying of real-estate is more than a transaction, people's lives are changing and it’s a privilege to be part of a transaction from beginning to closing.”

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