No People , No Pets

We ask that no one be present inside the home while we shoot the interior.  Pets should not be loose inside the home during the shoot.  Please inform your seller of this policy prior to the shoot time.  It will look better on you as well as us.  We strive for great communication.


Better Product for You

We shoot with wide angle lenses.  Oftentimes, folks think they're out of the shot, when in reality they're not.  They may be in another room, but we are shooting from one room, looking down a hall, into an open door of the room they're in and there they stand.  It's not their fault, it's just the dynamics of what we do.  We either need to ask them to move, or decide not to take the particular composition our creative minds wanted to.  You get the best photos we are able to capture by letting our minds get in the game and focus on what we do.

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Better Service for You

I can predict how long it will take to shoot say 2,000sqft.  What I can't predict is how long it will take when a seller or client is beside us trying to move items as we go (remember just because you're in an adjacent room doesn't mean you're not in the photo we are trying to take), sellers trying to turn lights on or off as we shoot, pets or children running around the home, and the list goes on.  We can be on schedule throughout our day much easier and be on-time for your appointment easier with this policy.  You know that shoot you want us to fit in for you on Tuesday?  We need to be able to run a tight and predictable schedule to make sure we can get you and everyone else taken care of.  We're here for you.

No people inside the home

Typical occurrences:

You have specific angles or features you want photographed. 

By all means, let us know prior to the shoot and we will be sure to capture them.  You can do this in an email, text, special instructions section on the order form, etc.  If it's in writing, we got you covered.

You need to sign the listing agreement with your seller.  

Please arrive an appropriate amount of time prior to the scheduled photo appointment.

You want to be certain the home is staged and ready for photos.  

Please arrive an appropriate amount of time prior to the scheduled photo appointment.

Your seller works from home. 

What is their plan for showings?  They don't need to leave the property.  We're just asking for them not to be inside the home for a very short time.  On a laptop in the garage, porch, deck, etc. is no problem at all if needed.  

Your seller has boxes or items that need moved during the shoot.  

Please see our Prep List attached to the email.  That will help them out.  Our rates and schedule for real estate are based on the premise that we are able to start working at the time of the appointment and continue without interruption until the work is completed.  To be honest, we just can't predict and plan for this.  At what point would we say it's taking too long and are going to be late to our next appointment?  It's simply unpredictable. We just need to have it a policy that we are ready to rock at the time of the shoot.

Let your seller know to treat this like a showing.  Based on your order, we will need the following approximate time; 1hr for Listing Photos, add 1hr for a Cinematic Property Tour, add 1hr for 3D Interactive Tour.

Having said all of that, and you're still reading... you may have a specific situation.  You know, one of those exigent circumstances.  We are on your team.  We are your partner.  We're both wanting to run our businesses the best we know how.  If you have one of those unusual exceptions, then by all means, let's work together on it.  Your seller is unable to leave?  Let's talk.  Give me a shout.  (765) 625-1071

No pets inside the home

We had one of our team members bitten by a "friendly" dog at a photo shoot awhile back.  Safety of our team members is certainly a concern, but that's not it.  

Pets are notoriously curious.  They often stand right in the area we're trying to create a photo.  This slows us down and can be downright frustrating.  Remember when we said to tell your seller to treat it like a showing?  This goes for pets too.  Please ask your seller to either remove the pets from the home, place them in the garage, kennel, etc.  during the shoot.