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Showing others what you do is our craft. Hoosier Property Media is an Indiana-based photo and video company that creates marketing content for real estate and businesses.  You are a specialist and want to build a professional brand.  You take pride in your work.  You know your craft and are great at what you do. We do the same. Our craft and our skill is making you look good.  In today’s world, a great online presence is a necessity. How you present yourself through photo and video is both your online first impression and your reputation.  Make it a great one. 


Jeff Riggins

Owner -  Content Creator -  Marketing Ninja 

I’ve always had a passion to create, a love for architecture, and a strong desire to achieve. I've been studying architecture and design for over 20 years. There's something about the combination of building elements and light as they meet each other yet are always changing. It's like watching art be created. I've also spent 16-years serving in law enforcement and several years as a local business owner. I believe the combination of these career and life experiences is what led me to starting this business.


In my downtime, I enjoy pretty much anything outdoors. I love to hunt, travel, and go backpacking. In the summer, you’re likely to find my wife Carey and I on the lake. In the fall, I’m spending most of my free time in the woods. When I’m not doing those things, I love to wind down from a busy day by taking care of our garden and piddling around the house.

I'm married to my beautiful wife Carey. Together we have 3 amazing kids and live in Yorktown, Indiana.


Kyle Baird

Photographer  - Writer - FAA Drone Operator 

I'm Kyle and I’m originally from Southern Wisconsin.  I moved to Indiana in 2013 to attend Taylor University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication in 2017.

To me, creativity is expressing my gifts and abilities in an individualized way.  I love to create!  I find a lot of satisfaction in making something that others can enjoy or find meaning in. Working at HPM provides space for that.  We are in the business of creativity!

I live in Indianapolis with my wife Taylor.  In my free time I love traveling, spending time outdoors, tossing the Fris, and trying new restaurants.

Zane Kear

Photographer  - Videographer - FAA Drone Operator 

I'm  Zane and I am marketing creator for Hoosier Property Media!

I studied  Photojournalism at Ball State University and gained a lot of insightful knowledge. I love spending time with my family and friends as well as photography and videography.

You can never fully master the art of creating, and that is one reason I love it. When a client has a vision for how they would like something to look, I feel as though I can make that happen. There will always be a new “technique” to learn in the creative industry, therefore allowing for never ending growth as a creator!


Hunter Riggins

Photographer  - Content Creator

Hello, my name is Hunter Riggins and I’m a content creator for Hoosier Property Media!


I enjoy spending time outdoors, chatting it up with friends and family, and picking a 6 string on my free time. I enjoy playing live music and even love to play just for my family. I grew up with a respect for nature by hunting, fishing and just shooting bow in the yard. I plan to further my education through college and spread the gospel.

One thing I love about what I do is being able to create content for others that they love and will benefit from! Having just a simple thought or idea and turning it into a masterpiece is beautiful. I’m glad to be able to express them through my work and even my music.

Carey Riggins

Virtual Staging - Self-Proclaimed Boss

Hi!  I’m Carey Riggins.  If you follow our organization at all, you pretty much know I run this operation!  My full-time career is in nursing, but when duty calls, I come in and boss my husband Jeff and the team around a little.


I have a passion for interior design and decorating, and I get to bring those skills and enthusiasm to life by offering our Virtual Staging service to clients.  It gives me a chance to be creative, and I absolutely love that!


Gavin Centofanti

Video Editor - Videographer - Promotions

Hi, I'm Gavin Centofanti and I was born and raised in Eastern Michigan. I possess a deep love for storytelling and a keen eye for visual aesthetics. My passion is held deep in the art of capturing and crafting compelling narratives through the medium of media.

In 2014, my family and I made a significant move to Indiana that reshaped the rest of my life. I decided to pursue higher education after high school at Ball State University. There, I immersed myself in the world of media production. Throughout my time at the university, I worked not only on student projects and films but also closely with my father in the marketing and communications department at Ball State. These experiences are truly what grew my knowledge and skill in the industry that I use today.

Upon graduation, I embarked a new journey with HPM. I believe storytelling has the utmost power to evoke emotions, promote thought, and inspire others. A small contribution in making the world a better place.

Jason Lavengood

Photographer  - Marketing - Social Media

I love creating art.  I started developing film when I was thirteen years old and immediately knew I wanted to be a photographer.  I kept with my passion for photography throughout  school and the transition from film to digital.  Since then I have been blessed to travel the world, work with amazing people, and create art.


My favorite types of photography are portraiture and commercial advertising.  Creating something that shows the beauty of an individual or our surroundings is what makes me proud to be an artist.

After working for myself for almost 15 years I was lead to pursue a career with HPM.  What attracted me to this company is the awesome team of like minded individuals.  Whether we are creating marketing content for businesses, photographing homes for realtors, or creating engaging social media content, it's always something new each day and I love that!

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