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Wes-Del School Corp

Their website had 3 separate sections made up of the Elementary, Jr &.Sr. High School, and Corporation. The project consisted of creating overview videos and photos for each section. The video was to be placed as the opening header for each section. The photos would be used throughout the website. We met with Justin for two days of content creation. It was a fun project walking around several areas within the school corporation and capturing the little moments that best showcased their corporation. Waivers to photograph the children were obtained from the corporation and we were sensitive to the children’s parents that did not wish to participate. The project really encompassed a lot of what we do!


We had aerial photos and video, lifestyle photos and video, architectural photos and video, and so on.

We went back a third day to capture some aerial footage of a home football game. Since completing this project, we have had several corporation employees rave about how much they loved seeing the new content on their website.

Wes-Del Elementary School
Wes-Del Promotional Video
Wes-Del High School
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